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8000 Brugge

    How to order?

  • Send us an email in which you specify the following things:

    • The item(s) you require specified by the item nr(s).

    • The amount, correct size and color (if applicable) of the item(s).

    • Your name and your full address (delivery address of the package).

  • In our reply we will provide you with our bank details. After you received this email, you can transfer
    the total amount towards our account

    • The total amount will be the sum of the price of the item and the transport cost.

    • The transport cost will have to be paid for EACH item your order.

  • The order will be send out the moment we receive your bank transfer.

    Keep in mind...

  • that items which are not on our list CANNOT be ordered.

  • that Airsoft Brugge is not responsable for items lost during transport. No refund will take place.

  • that the transport cost should allways be paid. Pickup of the goods is not possible.