What Airsoft is all about...      
Before you continue exploring our site we would like to give an explanation of what the 'AIRSOFT Community' is all about.

In general, you could compare Airsoft to paintball. (Since paintball is more common than Airsoft this may ring a bell with people who don’t know our sport) However there are two very important differences between these two sports:
First of all, the guns used in the Airsoft game are 1:1 replica’s of the real guns, whilst paintball guns have their own design, and do not match a real gun in appearance or size. This is the main advantage, there’s a big diversity in Airsoft guns that you’ re able to use, from the basic handgun to the Support Weapon. This fact brings us to the disadvantage of Airsoft. (Ask our Dutch or German friends about it). Since it’s very difficult to tell which gun is a real one and which one’s to play Airsoft with, in most country’s the Gun Law, Gun Bill or Gun Act applies to the Airsoft guns as well. So you’d better check what laws apply to Airsoft in your country before getting involved with this sport. In our country (Belgium) showing your gun in public places is prohibited. Use on private property is allowed. Therefore transport of the guns from our homes to the skirmish sites happens in boxes or bags. Low profile is advised.
The consequence of the high realism is that Airsoft, even more than paintball, is being looked at as Military Simulation, or in short ‘Milsim’.

“You’re in the army now” or “Counterstrike becomes reality”

Secondly, there’s the ammo: Airsoftguns fire 6mm balls (called BB’s). They come in different weights and materials, depending on their purpose. The heavier bb’s, which are more effective over longer ranges, are for sniper use (e.g. 0.4 g Teflon coated BB’s, but the standard weights are 0.20 or 0.25g. Since a hit doesn’t leave any visual trace, as it does in paintball, unless it’s from close range :-D the fair play of “all” participants is imperative. Fair play and team spirit are necessary requirements for a good Airsofter. Games are always played in teams.

Due to the weapon laws in Belgium, we are forced to install an age-limit. You must be 18 or older to participate in our games; this is being controlled actively! Safety is our prime concern, thus headshots are being discouraged and goggles or masks are obligatory!!! At each skirmish or battle one or more safety zones are installed, where firing is prohibited. These zones are entered with an unloaded gun and they are the only places on the battlefield where you don’t have to wear your protective gear. The entire battlefield is being surrounded with clear warning signals for passers by.

Airsoft is very popular in Asia (where it originated) as well as in the US, UK, Finland and Denmark, etc. And now it’s becoming more popular in our region as well.

Since people can’t own real guns in Japan, they’ve been looking for alternatives to get as close as possible to “The real thing”. Thus the BB gun was born. The first guns, the so-called “Springers”, were based upon a spring which was contracted by hand, this spring delivered the power to fire-off the bb. The second generation of guns were “Gas” guns. In these guns pressurized gas is released to fire the bb.

For now (who knows what those inventive Japanese will come up next) the latest development in Airsoft guns are the so-called AEG’s (Automatic Electric Gun). An electric motor produces the force to fire a piston through a cylinder. The air in the cylinder can only escape through a small nozzle. At the exhaust of this nozzle a bb is waiting in the barrel. Because of the pressured air, which escapes through the nozzle the bb, is fired.

The game itself can be played in various ways (indoor, outdoor, defense, offense, recon, search and destroy, last man standing, capture the flag…), everybody will find his/her “thing”, and the possibilities are unlimited. If you’re hit in a game, you return to the safe zone with your gun above your head. This way the remaining players can clearly see that you’re “dead”. Once arrived there you either have to wait for the next game or you can reenter the game depending on the rules of the game. Never remove your protective mask while returning to the safety zone! Someone could think you’re still alive and fire some BB’s in your direction.

The way you enjoy the game is always a personal matter. As mentioned before all options are open: some like to dress as G.I. JOE or have the SWAT-look, with all the camo and tactical gear. However if you decided to play the game dressed in yellow it is your personal choice and every choice will be respected. It doesn't mean you'll be better or worse. (Although people will be laughing in the latter case) :-D

Finally one more important advice for all wanna be Air-softers, and Im telling you from my own experience. The hardest thing is to find a suitable location; therefore you should make sure this is settled before you spend your money on a gun and gear, either by finding some terrain yourself or by joining an existing team who have a Skirmish Site.

Cya around in the community or at any of our skirmishes,

Greetz, MmS & Tomcat.

Tnx goto Lone-Wolf for checking my translation.